Pageant Season has started

Well, pageant season is well and truly underway.

The Credit Union Pageant (or the ‘city pageant’ as it is referred to by the band) is the biggest gig of the year. Not many people get the privilege of playing in front of literally thousands and thousands of people. The atmosphere is really special.

Preparation starts over a month in advance, with music being memorised and marching drill sharpened up. The local Tea Tree Gully Pageant (a week before the city one) serves as a good start to the pageant season. The band was also asked to accompany Santa Claus through Tea Tree Plaza to his spot in the centre. Probably the the only time you get to march through Tea Tree Plaza playing a (loud) musical instrument without being chased by security …

Tea Tree Gully Pagent

Before the Tea Tree Gully Pageant


City Pageant

After a extra Friday night rehearsal, it was quite an early start to get to into town by 8. Luckily the organisers put on a good breakfast, which was enjoyed by many. Other than that it was time to warm-up, catch up with old friends from other bands and, most of all, try and keep dry (for the first time that I can remember it rained during the waiting around).


Waiting around

Trying to stay dry

Trying to stray dry

Warming Up

Drum core warming up

Warming up

More warm-ups

Thankfully, the rain stayed away once the pageant started. Though it was windy at times, we made it through to the end in one piece. It was great to see and hear the excitement of the crowd. A special thanks also goes to the members of the Jess Dance Academy, who danced along with the band.

Made it to the end

Smiling at the end

Two down, three to go (plus a couple of carols by candlelight services) till the end of the year.